This worksheet will help you calculate and compare your current monthly income and expenses.
  Part 1: Monthly Income
  Gross Income from Job:
  Gross Income from Job (spouse):
  Interest Earned:
  Dividends Earned:
  Income from Part-Time Work:
  Other Income:
  Part 2: Monthly Fixed Expenses
  Mortgage or Rent:
  Other Housing Expenses:
  Loan Payments:
  Loan Payments:
  Credit Cards:
  Dues and Membership fees:
  Contribution Employer-Sponsored Retirement:
  Contribution Individual Retirement:
  Other Fixed Expenses:
  Part 3: Monthly Variable Expenses
  Food (Groceries):
  Food (Dine out):
  Auto (Gasoline, Repairs, License):
  Charitable Contributions:
  Child Care:
  Home Furnishings and Maintenance:
  Newspapers and Publications:
  Personal Care Items:
  Utilities (Natural Gas, Electric, etc.):
  Cable Television:
  Other Variable Expenses: